Kayak is a purely Greek company that has been operating in Greece and abroad for about two decades.
The promise given by the company’s founder, G. Stavridis, was to change the perception of ice cream once and for all … and we did it!


We didn’trest assured that our existing flavors were enough. On the opposite, we’ve put ice cream into art, into creation, into magic!


The secret ingredients of our ice cream is innovation and excellence at every level.
Kayak is magic!


The secret recipe is an example of the following triplet:

  • Beautiful moments with friends for inspiration,
  • Lunches at the family table to get love,
  • Trips to discover new tastes, to collect new images and trends and of course, a lot of work!

At Kayak you will find more than 80 ice cream flavors: the most unique and authentic ones.


You will also find ice cream flavors based on the latest trends in gastronomy and the world market: salty flavors, alcohol based flavors, or flavors with spices. You will taste ice creams, you never imagined and we will be the first ones to introduce them to the Greek market!

Our goal is to never give up or rest.


We want to innovate by constantly seeking the perfect recipe!

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