Golden Hall

It’s not ice cream…it’s the new Kayak at Golden Hall.

A new Kayak boutique has recently opened in the largest high end shopping mall in Athens. Kayak is a Greek ice cream brand that until today has managed to create a unique and special range of flavors by combining the purest ingredients and traditional recipes, in ice cream flavors that are surprising, addictive and learned by word of mouth.


Kayak known for its special and strong flavors such as the famous Madagascar Vanilla, Belgian chocolate with choco chips, the 3-star awarded Grand Cru chocolate, pink pepper mastic, lemongrass, mint with choco chips, cassis sorbet, the Valrhona chocolate sorbet, the mango ginger jasmine sorbet, the new tahini-honey flavor and the list of 80 flavors never ends… because it’s never the same! Flavors awarded by international agencies with stars that reward and confirm Kayak’s philosophy, timeless but also new flavors based on the latest trends in global gastronomy, surpassing all imagination. The new store on the ground floor of the Golden Hall will bring unique flavors to your walk with ice cream, waffles, sweets and coffee.


All Kayak ice creams are produced in Greece with the purest raw materials such as fresh Greek milk, fresh cream, real fruit and real nuts, without the addition of preservatives and with the lowest swelling on the market. Kayak at Golden Hall came to give a taste of ice cream, waffles, sweets and coffee on your walks or to take it with you when leaving.


After all, it’s not just an ice cream… it’s the new Kayak in Golden Hall.


31 Kifisias Ave. Maroussi
+3021 0681 8637

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